About Me

Hello, my name is Kelly Menne, owner of Mama Bee Lactation LLC. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.

I am a mom to 12 wonderful children, several of them grown with children of their own.

When I started having babies in the 90s breastfeeding was not popular. Hospitals didn’t encourage it and I had no experience with it so I raised my first 6 babies on formula. By the time I was having baby #7 breastfeeding was back in vogue.

I feel like having experienced both breastfeeding and formula feeding helps me to be able to identify with families of different walks of life, and to support them in their goals.

I love babies, birth, mothers and breastfeeding. As my children got older I knew I wanted to use my experiences and knowledge to help other families in ways that I felt were missing from my postpartum and breastfeeding experiences. I am passionate about supporting families during this time.

I am here to help with consultations and education before you have your baby and to help and support with breastfeeding in the comfort of your home after you have your baby.