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You may end up getting tired of my posts on babywearing, but you guys I am so excited to share this with you all. There are so many products out there designed to hold your baby while you get things done but I love the fact that babywearing is timeless and completely cross-cultural. We love to think we have it all together and have come so far from the past or more simple cultures but in that area we can learn from them.

If you read my post on babywearing you already know some, definitely not all, of the benefits. There are many great things about it. But there are so many different types of carriers, how can you know which one to choose? Well, some people choose to have a couple for different activities. As far as types of baby carriers, there is quite the gamut. Long cloth types such as slings seem to have been the norm way back when but then along came a more molded type of soft front carrier. In theory this one should have been easier to use but for me I always had issues with what to do with my newborn until his or her little legs were able to spread wide enough to straddle the leg holes. Next I tried the stretchy wraps that you wrap around yourself while feeling like a Jedi from Star Wars. I loved it once I got it on and found that it was useful for all ages and stages but I never quite mastered the wrapping of it.

As I was searching the “Neverland” of Pinterest on this issue, I discovered that some of the top brands such as the Maya wrap and Moby are now making a sling type carrier. I guess the old things die hard. Check out these beautiful slings…

If you are unsure about which type to buy since they are a bit pricey (but worth every penny), ask friends to try out theirs or see if your area has a babywearing library. Here in the Portland Metro area check out….


A good ‘ole Pinterest search will bring up lots of information on babywearing, including tutorials on how to use them.

Leave me a comment and tell me your babywearing experience and what carrier you used and prefer!

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