Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Effective August 9, 2020

Mama Bee Lactation LLC

Kelly Menne Certified Lactation Counselor

Certified June, 2020

Recertify by June, 2023 through CERPs

Company name: Mama Bee Lactation

Company structure: LLC

Business mailing address: 18700 SW Grauer Rd, Sheridan, OR 97378

Phone: 971-237-0841

Fax: 971-237-4704

Email: Kelly@mamabeelactation.com

Website: www.mamabeelactation.com

Owner and sole employee of Mama Bee Lactation, Kelly Menne CLC is responsible for:

  • Answering all email, texts, phone calls and messages
  • Setting all appointments
  • Communicating with current and potential clients
  • Performing in person lactation counseling and support
  • Manage administrative tasks
  • Maintaining website
  • Serving as Privacy Officer
  • Having current insurance coverage through CM&F
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance and training
  • Maintaining Cultural Competencies

Mission Statement

At Mama Bee Lactation LLC, our goal is to provide evidence-based breastfeeding support, counseling and education. We do this through in-home personal consultations and prenatal/postnatal education.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Mama Bee Lactation LLC does not discriminate against clients based on race, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship status, sex, religion, physical ability or marital status.

Code of Ethics

Mama Bee Lactation LLC adheres to the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (ALPP) code of ethics for Certified Lactation Counselors, which can be accessed here https://www.alpp.org/pdf/2017-V-6-CLC-Code-of-Ethics.pdf

HIPAA Policy

All client data will be protected under HIPAA. It will be stored in a HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record or, if in paper form, in a locked safe box. All email will be completed utilizing a HIPAA compliant email and texting will be done using a secure texting application. All electronic devices will be passcode protected. Mark J. Menne will have access to the passcode in case of an emergency.

HIPAA training will be completed by Mama Bee Lactation LLC and any subsequent employees every 2 years and certificates of completion will be maintained on file.

Any outside support services will have a HIPAA compliant Business Associates Agreement on file.

Client Health Records will be retained for 10 years from last patient contact, per the Oregon Medical Board. A copy of the client’s records can be requested in writing at the listed address for Mama Bee Lactation LLC and will be mailed to the client within 30 days of request.

All privacy complaints must be submitted in writing to Mama Bee Lactation LLC. All complaints will be investigated. If a breach of privacy has occurred, the client and any regulating entities will be notified in writing.

HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy will be posted on the website www.mamabeelactation.com and available in print for if requested by the client.

Fees for Services

Payment is due at the time of service. Payments accepted are cash and credit/debit card processed through Square. Client is advised that any email receipts generated through Square are not HIPAA compliant.

All services are non-refundable.

A Superbill can be provided upon request for the client to submit to their insurance company but Mama Bee Lactation LLC makes no guarantees of insurance coverage or reimbursement.

Initial Consultations will be 1.5-2 hours in length and will be billed at $80.

Follow-up appointments will be approximately 1 hours and will be billed at $40.

All supplies used during the consult, such as nipple shields, tubing, hydrogel packs, creams or ointments will be billed separately at the cost to Mama Bee Lactation LLC.

A sliding scale fee is available based on financial need.

Scheduling and Cancellations

At this time appointments will be scheduled by phone or email.

Mama Bee Lactation LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule appointments.

If an appointment needs to be canceled by the client it must be done within 24 hours of the appointment time.

No shows, failure to cancel or failure to reschedule within the 24-hour time frame will result in payment in full being due upon any future scheduled appointments.

During a Visit

Mama Bee Lactation LLC will provide a Consent to Care form to the client which will be signed by the client before the appointment begins. Verbal consent will be asked of the client before touching the client or the client’s baby and the consent to touch may be changed at any point in the appointment.

The client may refuse any intervention that Mama Bee Lactation offers and that will be documented in the client’s chart.

Mama Bee Lactation LLC may weigh the client’s baby, with consent, before and after a feeding session. These weights will be documented in the chart.

Mama Bee Lactation LLC may suggest items for use by the client. The cost of these items will be added on to the client’s bill at the cost of the item. No additional money will be made by Mama Bee Lactation from these items. Items may also be purchased directly by the client from an outside source, if desired.

A follow-up appointment may be necessary to assess the progress of the breastfeeding dyad. There is an additional fee for follow-up appointments.

Mama Bee Lactation will provide the client’s healthcare provider and the baby’s healthcare provider with notes from the appointment.

Mama Bee Lactation will refer the breastfeeding dyad to the appropriate healthcare provider should that be necessary, such as an IBCLC, chiropractor, Cranial Sacral therapist, pediatric dentist, or Ear, Nose and Throat physician.

During the visit, Mama Bee Lactation will adhere to all safety standards within reason to protect the breastfeeding dyad, such as a face mask and gloves. The scale will be cleaned before use and a clean protective pad will be used.

The client may grant consent for a support person to be with them at the appointment.

Mama Bee Lactation LLC will be providing a support person with the address of the appointment and will be using a GPS to navigate to the appointment address. Consent will be obtained from the client prior to the appointment to share this information. If consent is not granted by the client, Mama Bee Lactation LLC reserves the right to cancel the appointment.

Website and Social Media

Mama Bee Lactation LLC operates a website at www.mamabeelactation.com. The terms and conditions are posted on the website for viewing.

Mama Bee Lactation LLC operates a Facebook page and an Instagram page. These pages are for marketing purposes only, not for clinical support or counseling. No client photos will be posted on any social media platforms or on the Mama Bee Lactation LLC website without written consent of the client.