“Kelly was referred to me by my doula. I wish I met her sooner! She was beyond helpful and kind. She gave me tons of tips and recommendations to help increase my milk supply and got me to where I pumped the most I ever have.

She also was the only person I talked to that really listened to what I said about how my baby wasn’t latching right and when she said there is a possibility of it being a tongue tie I was relieved someone had finally listened. But she didn’t stop helping me there, she got me a referral to Acorn, called them a few times to make sure they got in contact with me. She was right by the way. He had both a tongue and lip tie.

Gave me tips on the pump I was using, suggested one that WIC provided and called ahead to make sure they had it.

She advocated for me before even meeting me, stayed in contact with me after our visit to check in and make sure baby and I were okay.

I cannot express how thankful I am to her. The person I saw before her told me to give up. Kelly gave me all the tools and encouragement to continue trying. And I’m beyond thankful I did.

If you ever have the chance to meet her please do. She has a vast amount of knowledge and a huge heart ready to help any mama in need.” -Miranda Patton