Prenatal Breastfeeding ABCs:

2.5 hours of prenatal instruction covering latch, position, common breastfeeding issues, what to expect, benefits of breastfeeding, pumping and milk supply issues. $40

Breastfeeding and Sexuality:

1.5-2 hour class on common sexuality issues after birth and while breastfeeding. We will also cover different choices for birth control and their impact of breastfeeding. $30

Pumping and the Working Mother:

2-2.5 hour class on different types of pumps, pumping schedules, maintaining milk supply when you go back to work, milk storage, and herbal support for milk supply. $35

Breastfeeding Refresher class:

1.5-2 hour class for mamas who struggled to breastfeed previously and would like help with a current pregnancy or just need a refresher because it has been a while

In-home postpartum consultations for issues related to breastfeeding:

1.5 hours $80. I offer a sliding scale if cost is a barrier. Everyone should have access to breastfeeding support in the comfort of their own home.